Chefs’ society president launches 24k gold breath freshener in Dubai

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World Association of Chefs’ Societies President, Thomas Gugler, announced the launch and endorsement of Carson City manufacturing company flagship product, Gold Cardamom Fruitas.

February 20, 2018-Chef Thomas Gugler, president of World Association of Chefs’ Societies announced his endorsement and the launch of Gold Cardamom Fruitas, a natural spice breath freshener covered in 24k edible gold, during Gulfood in Dubai.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of Gold Cardamom Fruitas and our partnership with Chef Thomas Gugler. We have overcome many trials and obstacles to bring this, and its sister product Gold Cardamom Seeds Cluster and premium versions of both to market,” said CEO and Gold Cardamom Fruitas visionary Karunesh Gupta. “I believe we have created a product the entire world can share and I’m excited to see where it goes.”

Gold Cardamom Fruitas is the end result of infusing high quality Saffron and Cardamom Seeds together then covering it in 24k edible gold. Gupta is dedicated to creating products the whole world can enjoy and uses Halal, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten Free certified ingredients in his Gold Cardamom products. Gupta’s Gold Cardamom products are digestible, biodegradable, and are made in the USA.

The breath freshener market sits at nearly 900 million dollars in the US alone according to a 2017 Statista study. “There’s nothing quite like Gold Cardamom Fruitas out there right now,” Gupta says. “There’s definitely a place for them in the market.”

Ganesha Enterpises, LLC, is located in Carson City, Nevada. Since its inception in 2007, Ganesha Enterprises, LLC. has grown from its first location, a garage, to a new 22,000 sqft. facility. KLG Spice is dedicated to creating innovative products and promoting the wellness and health of the Global community while maintaining environmental responsibility.

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