4 Pack of Gold Cardamom Seeds Clusters

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KLG Spice makes Gold Cardamom Seeds Clusters with the highest quality cardamom seeds. We infuse them with the finest saffron and turmeric and cover the entire seed in 24k edible gold. That’s right, GOLD! It is a power-packed seed with over 100 benefits because of all of the ingredients that are used. You can read more about those benefits here: klgspice.com/blogs/news They are beautiful and versatile! They can be used as a natural way to freshen your breath as a piece of gum or mint replacement. You can also try them in your favorite beverages to enhance the flavor while adding natural benefits to your beverage. Use them in water for digestive gut health Use them in coffee and tea as a natural sweetener and flavor enhancer Use them in your beer, wine or spirits to really bring out those flavors and add some gold shimmer! Our Gold Cardamom Seeds Clusters are Certified Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Kosher. Product Made In The USA