KLG Spice All-Natural Home Party Sales Starter Kit

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Looking to start your own home-based business? KLG Spice has got you covered! Make an average of 90% commission by selling our products to friends, family and co-workers! Host in-home parties, go door to door, or sell through social media! Home party sales have never been this easy! 


KLG offers the following:

No monthly fees

No monthly minimum sales requirements

No recruiting

Work on your own schedule

Sell when you want to, relax when you don't!

Your home party starter kit includes the following materials:

12 tins of Gold Cardamom Fruitas

12 tins of Gold Cardamom Seeds Clusters

6 bags of Krunchy Capriccio

12 bags of Tutti Frutti

10 samples of each product for a total of 40 samples

10 full color sales catalogs

100 order forms

100 personalized business cards


Your total inventory of products is valued at $303! Selling everything in your starter kit would give you a net profit of $123! What are you waiting for?